Friday, January 1, 2016

Will the New York Jets take care of Business on Sunday?

Go Big or Go Home

We have finally made it to week 17 of the NFL season, and the New York Jets are playing in a huge game that can make or break there season. The Jets will be taking on the Buffalo Bills who will look to be the spoilers, and end the Jets season. The Jets are on a five game winning streak after last weeks victory over their division rivals the New England Patriots. The turnaround to this season I think came after when they had lost to the Houston Texans. Head Coach Todd Bowles had a meeting with the team and let them have it. Since the meeting,  Ryan Fitzpatrick has been on a role in being a much smarter Quarterback. I think Fitzpatrick was trying to do to much in the beginning, and now he has settled in, and became the leader. He has the offense rolling with the running game becoming a bigger problem for the opposing defenses to handle. The tandem of Brandon Marshall, and Eric Decker have been the best this season in a very long time.  These two receivers are just what the Jets have been looking for. They are missing one deep threat receiver but these two have done the job. The Defense has been playing to what people have expected them to be. It will be key in this game to control the mobile Quarterback Tyrod  Taylor in keeping him in the pocket ,and not let him make plays outside the pocket.  The Bills quarterback was able to make plays outside of the pocket which helped his team to victory in week 10 earlier this season.

One important thing that the New York Jets will need to do on Sunday is to control the line of scrimmage, and put a lot of pressure on the Bills offense. This time around the Jets will not have to worry about LeSean McCoy who is out with a knee injury, and Charles Clay who is out with an injury as well. The running game will be tough to stop because the Bills have a excellent running back in Karlos Williams who is a rookie. He is not built like your normal running back so the defense will need to tackle him with multiple people. The one key person they will need to take out of the game is Sammy Watkins. Darrelle Revis will need to shutdown Watkins like he did in week 10. Also they will need to disguise the blitz's packages, and attack the offensive line of the Bills since most are out due to injury. In week 10, the Jets were not getting any pressure on Taylor, and it allowed him to make the big plays. The people who I think will step up big on Sunday is Antonio Cromartie, and Leonard Williams. These two players have been steeping up big in the winning streak, and will like to continue the success they been having. Cromartie must do the same thing like Revis will be doing, and that is to shut down Robert Woods because if they are able to shut down the receivers, then the Bills will not have much of a game plan.

The offense has been playing much better during this winning streak with everyone stepping up to help out. It will be key for the offensive line to continue to protect like how they have been these past few games. They should continue to include those screen pass plays because it has been a big success in the Jets being able to move the ball. The two people who will need to continue to step up are Quincy Enunwa, and Kembrell Thompkins. These past two games Thompkins and Enunwa have been the player to go to because of the plays they have made to help the Jets to victory. Rex Ryan will look to bring the pressure like he did last game. In the last matchup, the Bills caused Fitzpatrick to throw two interceptions that were very costly. Like the Bills the Jets are banged up but will likely have everyone play on Sunday. A concern I have is if the Jets get off to a slow start will they be able to bounce back. Another concern I have is the receivers dropping the balls. Fitzpatrick this season has had made some tremendous throws but his wide receivers have dropped to many passes. This game they will need to be perfect in every part of the offense side of the ball.

The New York Jets need to avoid all the hype this game is getting because of who their opponents coach is. The team just needs to focus on the goal and that is to go win the game, and get into the playoffs. If they don't win on Sunday and the Pittsburgh Steelers win then the Jets are out and will have the Jets fans very disappointed. The New York Jets are a very good team that I think this time around will start off strong and wont look back. It will be a close game because it is a divisional game, and the Bills will look to be the spoilers. I just think with all the momentum they have from this winning streak it will help them out. Head Coach Todd Bowles will have them focused on winning this game, and nothing else. At the end  I think the Jets will be winning be seven or by a field goal. They will be extending this winning streak, and getting ready for the playoffs. The New York/ New Jersey area is excited because of how this team is playing and hope this doesn't end anytime soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Was the actions of Odell Beckham Jr a bad image for the NFL?

Will Odell Beckham Jr. ever learn from his actions?
This past Sunday the Giants versus Panthers matchup was one to remember for how competitive it was. The only problem is that no one will be talking about the game, because of what one athlete did to hurt his team, and the franchise. The player that I am talking about is New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. he was acting very immature, and out of character. Three personal foul calls were against him alone that cost his team. He was shown swinging at Josh Norman which was uncalled for but both are to blame for their actions. The one that really got people aggravated and disappointed, was when he launched himself at Norman, and went helmet to helmet with him. Josh Norman was unaware of what Beckham was going to do. Beckham could have really hurt Norman and could of even paralyzed him. These kind of actions now question the type of person Odell Beckham Jr. really is as a person. Many fans and former NFL players were disgusted, and angry in what he did because of the possible things that could of happen. The pushing, and shoving is one thing, but when you target someone by going helmet to helmet it is taken it to a whole new level.
The Referee's should have taken action earlier in the game when this all began because if  they had let it play out any further it could of gotten worse. They should have ejected Odell Beckham after the blow to Josh Norman's head. I want to know how does Odell Beckham Jr not get ejected after getting three personal fouls. He was acting childish, and like a diva because he wasn't getting the calls. I don't know if needs a reminder again that he is playing in a grown mans sport, and no one is going to baby him. He has to let it go because he is a player that many young children look up to, and want to be like him. The New York Giants organization needs to hand down a punishment or a fine, and need teach him what he did is wrong. Even though the NFL handed him a 1 game suspension they are going to take it back, and allow him to play. They don't care about what he did all they are worried about is the money coming in, and how good did they do in the ratings.
For the way he acted on Sunday he is going to have a even bigger target on his back to try to get him to act like that again. Odell has to learn he has to be the bigger person, and walk away because of how big of a contributor he is to his team. Any team he plays knows if you take him out of the game by not letting him produce than the Giants wont function on offense. The Giants offense evolves around Odell because he is the one who is a game changer. He thinks he is better than everyone else, but he has to learn he is just getting into the game being in his second year in the league. He thinks he has earned the respect of the players throughout the league. He is totally far from earning the respect especially after his actions on Sunday. It has taken years for many players because people look at how you act on, and off the field.
As a fan of the game I think his actions need to be addressed, and some type of punishment needs to be handed down. Odell has a lot of learning to do, and needs to grow from this because peoples view of him have changed tremendously. It will take sometime but he has to figure out who he is, and not act like a child. He needs to start acting like a professional, and lead this team because others on the team are not going to take much more of his childish act. Odell needs to continue to reach out to retired players and ask for help. It needs to stop complaining because more and more people hate that just be quiet and go back to playing the game. He needs to stop thinking everything evolves around him because it doesn't. To clear up his image he has a lot of learning to do, and he needs to take this suspension. We shall see what the NFL does when he appeals his suspension and has his hearing tomorrow in front of the NFL front office.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why are the New York Knicks becoming a team to enjoy to watch?

Have the New York Knicks turned around the organization?

When it comes to the New York sport franchises they are always expected to win, and be very successful. Well that has not been the case with the New York Knicks, who have been struggling these past couple of seasons. They have not had a winning season in a couple of years which have made fans frustrated, and embarrassed. They haven't been to the playoffs since the 2012-2013 season when they lost in the eastern conference semi-finals. Fans have been very committed to this team, and want a championship in their possession. This organization has not won a NBA title since 1973 when they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 games. The Knicks teams these past few seasons after the 2012 season haven't had the chemistry in being a successful team. The team finally made changes, and hired Phil Jackson to try and turn this organization around. Last year he got rid of certain players who he felt didn't fit with the offense they wanted to run. This season he had some money to spend on some free agents. Phil Jackson didn't spend all the money on a big name player instead he brought players who will compete, and who are veterans. A lot of people questioned the signings, and the players they got in trades of Robert Lopez, Arron Afflalo, Derrick Williams, Sasha Vujacic, and Kyle O'Quinn, and Kevin Seraphin. Another question fans had was during the NBA draft when they drafted Kristaps Porzingis a 7foot player from Lativan, and Jerian Grant a 6 foot guard out of Notre Dame.

This team so far has fans excited because of the way they compete, and hustle every single game no matter what the score is. The names on this team you would figure would be bench players in other organizations but they have been playing at a whole new level. One person who turned the boo's from fans to cheers is Kristaps Porzingis who has been able to play at high level in just his rookie season. In  just 27 games this season many veterans in the league believe he will have a bright future. What I like is that he is very humble, and grateful for the chance he is getting. He has been always talking about the team play, and not about him. Porzingis has taken this city by storm, and has a lot of the fans and players talking about him. Originally they thought he would come off the bench this season, but he has adjusted to playing in the NBA real quick. Porzingis has become the fan favorite, and has taken over the popularity from Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo has mentioned that he does not mind that he shares the spotlight with Kristaps Porzingis. When both Porzingis, and Anthony are on the floor it has given many teams problems because of one of the two are always open. Teams in the beginning of the season have had trouble in controlling the two. As the season has gone on it has been a lot of double teaming.

A lot of the players have stepped up which allowed the team to double the amount of wins they had in the last two years. The team has had everyone contribute in being very productive which the fans are enjoying watching. It has been an up, and down year but if they are able to continue this type of play then I think it will built the teams confidence even more. Many of the veterans on the team have made it very easy for the rookies or new players to learn the system. So far the others that have contributed  have been Derrick Williams, Arron Affallo, and Kyle O'Quinn. These three players have been key contributors off the bench. Coach Derek Fisher hasn't set a permanent rotation as he continues to shuffle players. Lately he has played Williams, Affallo, and O'Quinn more than he has in the past couple of games.  It will be interesting if Coach Fisher does settle on the rotation off the bench, and who he leaves out. I think he should play everyone, and not change this momentum the team has at the moment.

What I thought was interesting was before the season when Carmelo Anthony had some of the members of the team join him in Puerto Rico. When that happened I though it was a perfect way to build that team bond. Many people would say why would someone do such a think like that. It will help a lot because it helps build the trust between each player on the team, and less stress will occur. This team I think wants to prove people wrong, and are out to do this for one another in making this successful. I think the bond these players have are going to take this team far, and will help them late in the season if they want to make a playoff run.

This organization is slowly making the right moves in making this team a very successful one that will have the fans even more excited. They all play for one another, and not for themselves they want to help everyone succeed. Phil Jackson has a lot of people frustrated at times but at the end of the day he knows what it takes to win. He has done a very good job in making things work within the organization. I think this team is capable of a 20 plus winning season which could possibly put them in the playoff picture. I believe they will need to maybe get a few pieces to help out the team. Phil Jackson has mentioned it will take time, and I have to say he is right we just have to be patient with him. The team just needs to continue to focus on what they are doing, and everything will fall into place. One team maybe they should look at is the Golden State Warriors, and see how they have handle things. It is going to be an exciting season and future that we can not wait for.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Can the New York Giants pull off a major upset?

Will the New York Giants save their season against the Panthers?????

Usually when I am talking about the playoffs most teams in the NFL have winning records, but in the NFC East that is not the case. This season in the NFL, the NFC East is the worst division with all their teams having a losing record. There is a three way tie on top of the division between the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. These three teams sit on top of the division with a record of 6-7. This weekend of all the three teams, the New York Giants have the toughest test when they faceoff against the undefeated Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. This game is the biggest one of the whole season in hopes of the Giants trying to save their playoff chances. Some Giants fans are actually picking them to win the game which is insane. I think with the amount of injuries the Giants have it will be hard for them to pull off the upset. Carolina looks like the best team in the NFL at the moment  in how they play the game on offense, and defense. The Giants are coming off a good win on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins. The team played very well on offense and defense they were able to make the key plays when they needed.

In order for the Giants to pull the upset they will need to take care of the football on offense because the Panthers are very good in takeaways. Eli needs to play like he did against the dolphins because the corners for the Panthers are very good. Odell Beckham Jr.  along with Rueben Randle will have their hands full in trying to get open. Carolina's defense averages about two, to three takeaways per game. The Giants will need to control the time of possession to help keep Carolinas offense off the field. The Giants can't afford to not score on every possession they will need every point they can get. If Eli  can be smart with the ball it will help his confidence in the game. The defense for the Panthers is very young and fast to the ball. If they can get the Panthers to make any mistakes during the game the Giants must take advantage of it. The Giants offense cant just rely on Odell Beckham Jr. to do everything they will need all hands on deck. The key people who I think will need to step up is Rashad Jennings, and Will Tye. These two players have been big producers in the offense, and will need to be this Sunday to take the load off Odell Beckham.

The defense is a big concern when I look at this matchup because I don't how they will get to the Quarterback. The Giants will need to contain Cam Newton in the pocket, and not let him scramble. Jason Pierre Paul will need to step up big time, and been a force in closing the pocket and getting sacks. The defense will need to play like they did on Monday night.  Defensive head coach Steve Spagnuolo, will need to have different schemes to make Cam Newton's day a nightmare. The defense will need to force turnovers they are one of the worst teams in the turnover margin. Besides Jason Pierre Paul the two players that I think will need to step is Prince Amukamara, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. These two players will need to try to stop Ted Ginn Jr. and Greg Olson. These players have had rebound season because no one was giving them a chance. The running game for the Panthers is a big contributor to the success of the offense. The Giants will need all the help in tackling the running backs because they are some big players who will not go down easy.

The outcome of the game can be predicted by most people just by what they see on paper, but it has to be done on the field in order for it to happen. The Giants have ended undefeated seasons before by beating the New England Patriots a few years ago. Any team can be beaten on any given day but it will be a true test for the Giants to keep their season alive. They will need help by having the Cardinals beat the Eagles, and the Bills beating the Redskins. All these games aren't easy but one will prevail. The Giants just need to focus on the task that is in front of them, and go beat the Panthers. If the Giants make the plays they have a good chance to win this game. The Giants must play the way they did earlier in the year against the Patriots with the same intensity but ten times more. I think the Giants will give them a very good game, but I think the Panthers are to much for the Giants to handle  with all the injuries. I think the Panthers will come away with the victory on a last minute drive.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why the New York Jets are clicking at the right time?

Can the New York Jets be a dangerous team if they make the playoffs?

As we prepare for the final three weeks of the season, many fans wonder of who will make the playoffs in the AFC. The wildcard picture is a very tight three team race between the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is going to be an exciting finish because all three of these teams are playing exciting football. Two of these three teams that make the playoffs will probably do some damage against the top seeded opponents. The one team that I think that can do major damage is the New York Jets, who have won there third consecutive game, this past weekend they defeated the Tennessee Titans by the final score of 30-8. It was a very impressive game by how they played on both sides of the ball in beating a much weaker team. I think there change in attitude came when they played both the Miami Dolphins, and the New York Giants. There attitude seemed like they were a much more focused team. The comeback against the Giants late in the fourth quarter showed me a lot about this team. Head coach Todd Bowles has this team focused on the goal that is in front of them, and that is to worry about there next opponent which is the Dallas Cowboys. Compared to last year, this team has a totally different mindset in how to approach game preparation. This organization has proved a lot this season in who they are. During the losing streak the  team looked lost, and not hungry in wanting to win. Todd Bowles was not happy, and let the team have it. He must of said the right things to them because they are playing like they did earlier in the season.

The offense was at a stand still a few weeks ago when they looked like they couldn't score a point at all. I don't know if it has to do anything with it, but after Ryan Fitzpatrick trimmed his beard he has been playing at all time high. He hasn't thrown a interception in this three game winning streak. I think in the beginning of the season he was trying to do to much where it would cost his team. Now that he feels more comfortable the offense looks like a well oiled machine. What helps Fitzpatrick the most is he has the best duo of Wide Receivers in the game in Brandon Marshall, and Eric Decker. These two players are having great years, and have been very productive. What also has helped the offense become very balanced is the running game with the combination of Chris Ivory, Steven Ridley, and Bilal Powell. These three players have made it more difficult for opposing defenses. If they can continue to score like the way they have been it will allow the defense to rest which is very important. Decker and Marshall are in the top 25 in wide receivers currently in the game which is good to have on your team. Brandon Marshall is the first person in NFL history to have a 1,000 yard season with four different teams.

This defense has stepped up big time in this winning streak by forcing turnovers, and getting to the Quarterback. The defensive front of Damion Harrison, Sheldon Richardson, Muhammed Wilkerson, and Leonard Williams have been a force that teams cant really handle. The way they shut down the New York Giants in the second half, and in overtime was very impressive in how they held them to no points. The defense and offense have this mindset when someone is out due to injury that the next teammate will step up, and produce. The defense was missing some key player's, and those who played in their place came up with some key plays. The defense has given up of a average of sixteen points in this three game winning streaks. They have to keep this mentality going into Saturdays game against a well offensive team in the Cowboys. The Jets will be getting a key player back in cornerback Marcus Williams who leads the team in interceptions he has been out with a MCL injury, and he is likely to play. If he returns he can help the secondary in having to cover Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams. It will be interesting to see how much running the Cowboys do because the Jets have the best run defense in the league. The defense for the Jets only gives up 78.9 yards per game which to me is an amazing achievement and Dallas averages 118 yards a game so it will be fun to watch.

The schedule for the Jets does not get any easier as they will face their rivals the final two games of the season. They will be facing the New England Patriots, and Buffalo Bills. The Jets will look for revenge because they know they should of won those games earlier in the year. If they are able to win those games it will be a tremendous achievement. I think this team is hungry, and want this very bad. I think they are getting healthy at the right time because they will need all hands on deck to make this run. Many believe if they are able to make the playoffs that they can surprise a lot of people. This team has exceeded peoples expectation, and need to continue to build on this. This team has a certain swagger that they believe they can go far, and don't want this to end. The only problem with this playoff scenario is that the Jets need the Chiefs, and Steelers to loose at least one of their final games. The reason for this is if these three teams ended up in tie then the Jets will be the odd team out. The New York Jets have a lot of work to do, and need to start by beating the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night. I  believe the Chiefs will lose at least one game and the Steelers will lose as well. I think the final week will make, or break the playoff teams season. Lets see what happens, and hopefully it goes the way they want it to.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Bragging Rights and Playoff Implications on the Line 

When you think of football rivals you think of, Cowboys versus Giants, Patriots versus Jets, Giants versus Eagles, Jets versus Dolphins, and Steelers versus Ravens, Colts versus Patriots. These type of games as a player get you more pumped and wanting to win even more.  This Sunday in East Rutherford, NJ the Giants look to continue their dominance in being the Big brothers of New York/ New Jersey teams when they take on the New York Jets. The Jets have unfinished business because of the beating they took from the Giants in 2011, when the giants beat them. The win by the Giants that year turned the season around because it lead them to winning the Superbowl. This also has bigger implications because both of these teams need this win to keep pace in the playoff race. The last time the Jets beaten the Giants was in 1993 when Boomer Esiason was quarterback for the Jets, and Phil Simms for the Giants. The New York Jets not want to be known as the little brother of the New York teams anymore. The Players want to win this game to let everyone know that the Jets are taking over as the team of New York and the team in Metlife Stadium.

This week in New York is a special week for those who are sports fans, because three of the four New York professional leagues are competing against one another. The matchups  are the New York Islanders versus New York Rangers in hockey last night, the Brooklyn Nets versus New York Knicks in basketball on Friday night, and then football this Sunday. This game on Sunday usually happens every few years because both of these teams play in two different divisions. These type of games are ones that get the fans excited because of all the trash talking and the all the publicity it will bring. Players from both teams even get into the trash talking because of how much they want to win this game. It will be a very competitive game in all these matchups which fans enjoy a lot more. This game could possibly turn a season around for team in the right direction, or it could lead the team to play worse the rest of the season.

The New York Giants are in a very weak division in the NFC East. They are battling for the division with the Washington Redskins who are both 5 and 6, with the Redskins on top because of the tie breaker. The Giants looked flat last week against Washington, they put themselves in a hole by being down twenty points. They were almost able to make a tremendous comeback to win the game but had fallen short. Eli Manning wasn't being careful with the football, when he needed to be, because he threw three costly interceptions. Eli is a very good Quarterback but this season he hasn't been playing like himself. He tries to force to many throws into tight situations where you would shack your head. What is also a big question going into Sundays matchup is who will be on the offense line for the Giants. The offense line has so many injuries that they are playing with guys out of position.  The Giants will need to put some experience in front of Eli Manning to protect him against the New York Jets defensive frontline.

The Giants wide receivers with the exception of Odell Beckham Jr. need to step up to help out in the passing game. The one person who I think could shine is Shane Vereen, who has hurt the New York Jets in the past when he used to play for the New England Patriots. Vereen could help out with screen passing plays, and he could help out in the short passing situations. His stats this season are down compared to what they used to be. Even though he is an older player,  another key player would be Hakeem Nicks. Nicks could help open up the field so that Beckham could get open. When Nicks was on the Giants he used to be a big playmaker. He needs to step up for the Giants because Beckham can't do all the work by himself. Ruben Randle is also another player who can hurt the Jets because the Jets secondary is banged up. Randle has made big plays this year, some of the plays he has produced have been game changers.

The biggest concern on Sunday will be the New York Giants' defense who are ranked the worst in the league. They are going to need to stop the run with the way the Jets run the ball with Chris Ivory, they will need to gang tackle him. Ivory had a good game this past weekend against the Dolphins. Ivory played the game last Sunday like he was out to make a statement which he did. The secondary for the Giants will need to step up big; because they will have to work on stopping the tandem of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. These two have been playing very well this season.  I think that Prince Amukamara, and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie will need to have their best game in order to stop the Jets passing game. They are worst in the turnover margin as well, which is huge in any NFL game.

The New York Jets are in a tough battle for the Wildcard in the AFC, with them being a three way tie for the final wildcard. This season has been up and down with how this team has performed. Coach Todd Bowles let his team know how he felt they were playing two weeks ago after the lost to the Houston Texans. Coach Bowles must have gotten the word across to the team because the way they played was very impressive, in all phases of the game this past Sunday.  The team came out playing lose and fast and made the dolphins looked like they didn't deserve to be on the same field. The offense looked very flat in the beginning, but started to pick it up after a few series. The Defense played very hard, and made the offense for the dolphins have a nightmare of a day.  The New York Jets defensive front of Sheldon Richardson, Damon Harrison, Leonard Williams, and Muhammad Wilkerson could be a huge problem for the beat up Giants offensive line. It will be hard for the giants to run the ball because the Jets are among leagues best in stopping the run.

The people who I think will need to step for Jets this weekend is, Devon Smith on the offensive side of the ball, and the secondary for the Jets on the defensive side of the ball. Devon Smith the rookie out of Ohio State can be a huge problem on Sunday, if he continues to built on the positive things he did this past Sunday when he made big plays against the dolphins. He has been struggling in getting use to the style of offense the Jets run compared to what he was used to in college. He worked very hard in getting better, and started to show some hope when he caught his first career touchdown. He has the speed that will allow him to break loose for a big play.

The secondary for the Jets are hurting, and have not been playing up to par this season with allowing big plays. This offseason the Jets spent a lot of money to help bring in productive cornerbacks, up to this point they haven't performed up to there expectations. They will need to help out in producing turnovers this weekend and make Eli Manning make mistakes. When he has pressure on him he has a big tendency of making big mistakes that cost them the game. The Secondary will need to help one another in stopping Odell Beckham Jr. because no one has been able to stop him. If they play like they did against the Miami Dolphins then they should have no problem. This game is a chance for the Jets defense to make a huge statement in showing good they are.

Overall, this game is very hard to determine in who will win because of how good they are between both teams. I believe the running game will be a big priority for both teams in order for them to be successful. The New York Giants have the edge with a Superbowl winning coach and quarterback. Giants fans and Jets fans can do all the trash talking they want, but no one has the edge in this game. It will come down to one team having a big play happen, to gain full momentum of the game. Both teams are fighting for their postseasons lives; we will see who will want it more on Sunday. Usually I am able to give a prediction on the game, but it is very difficult on this one. I am just excited to see what will happen, and hopefully it will be one to remember.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The AFC WILD Card picture gets even more Wilder!!!!!

The AFC wildcard race is so tight that it will come down to the end.

As we prepare to wrap up week 12 of the NFL season, the one conference that has people excited about is the AFC.  It will look like in order for any team to get to the Superbowl, it will have to go through New England; as the Patriots are sitting atop of the AFC with record of 10-1. Then the second place team is the Cincinnati Bengals who are at 9-2 after coming up with a good win against the St. Louis Rams. Then in third place you have the Denver Broncos at 8-2 who face a tough task against the New England Patriots. In fourth place is the Indianapolis Colts, sitting at 6-5 with a victory today over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are as well in the playoff hunt in the NFC. The AFC seems to be very competitive this year in such a long time. These wild card teams are playing their better football at the right time. The four teams were struggling early and mid way through the season but have changed that. The New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and Pittsburgh Steelers can all make a case in why they should be included in the playoffs. The only thing is that all four of these teams  will not make it, when the dust clears only two will claim the final two spots.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made a tremendous push to get themselves into the playoff picture. The Chiefs were at one point sitting at 1-5, and were not even looking like they would have any chance in making the playoffs. The way they have been playing the last few weeks have many changing their look on this team. They had lost many key players due to season ending injuries, and looked down and out. With the veteran pryesence of the players on the team, and future hall of fame coach these players buckled down. The turn around came when they had beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since that game the Chiefs are playing strong on both sides of the ball. I think they will be tested against there next few opponents, especially against the Raiders who are playing much better football. The San Diego Chargers will be a tough test as well. These next two games are huge ones because of them being a divisional opponent.

The Houston Texans have been the biggest surprise this year because of how many holes they have on this team. No one except those who are part of the Texans Organization thought this team would compete this season. The season took a big turn when they went into Cincinnati and beat an undefeated team. After that game the Texans gained a lot of confidence, and are now right in thick of the playoff race. The next two weeks will be a true test for them when they have to play the Buffalo Bills who are desperately trying to stay in the playoff picture, and the New England Patriots who are the biggest test for this team. The defense is a veteran team that has been playing lights out. The defense will be truly tested for those two games. I think the offensive side needs to be established. The Quarterback situation is like a carousel there is someone new each week. Whom ever starts these two weeks coming up will have to play there best without any mistakes.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are no surprise to be in the playoff picture it seems like they are always in it. The Steelers organization is  one that everyone in the league wants to be in winning numerous championships. This year was a slow start for them in suffering a tough loses against their rivals the Baltimore Ravens and losing to the Kansa City Chiefs. They have struggled this season with opponents in the AFC division. They have a big game today against the Seattle Seahawks who are fighting for the playoffs in the NFC. If the Steelers were to loose today then they would fall behind the Texans and Jets who have a better winning record within the AFC. There next two opponents are very crucial against the Colts and Bengals who are both ahead of them in the playoff picture. It will be a true test to see if they can come up with the big wins as they will be needed to hold off others.

The New York Jets are a team that are surprising many this year just because of them having a new coach, and new General Manager. This team has been having an up and down year but have kept themselves within reach of the Wildcard. The team has established themselves as one of the top defenses in the league, but the offense has been at a struggle in not being able to score many points. In order for the Jets to obtain the Wildcard they will need to play with the physicality like they did in the beginning of the season. There win today against the dolphins was a huge win especially against a division rival in the Miami Dolphins. There next two opponents are a big matchup they will play crosstown rivals New York Giants, and the Tennessee Titans. Both matchups are from the NFC so they will be tested. If they play like they did today they will grab the wildcard.

Overall, The AFC playoff picture is to hard to determine in who will make it just because of how many games are left. These four teams are quality playoff caliber teams, and will give other playoff teams problems. The two teams that I think will take the Wildcards will be the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets. These two teams seem like they are playing with a chip on their shoulder and want to prove there doubters wrong. This will be an exciting ending to the season in how everything shapes out to be. Either way, the AFC will win this years superbowl. There are other teams still within reach in making the playoffs, but they will need a lot of things to happen in order to jump ahead of these four teams.